How do I print a prescription?

Step 1: Login to your MyRx profile

Step 2: Go to My Patient -> Search Patient

Step 3: Enter the details of the patient you want to search from the database.

Step 4: Click on the search button and find the particular patient to whom you want to provide a prescription.

Step 5: Click on the Write Prescription button.

Step 6: Select your clinic.

Step 7: Enter symptoms, advise, diagnosis details.

Step 8: If you have the photo of any hand written prescription for that patient, you can upload there.

Step 9: Set Next visit date if required.

Step 10: Click on the Add Medicine button to write medicine names and dose details.

Step 11: Click on the Save and Email button. Click on download icon to save the prescription in PDF format.

Step 12: Connect your Laptop/Desktop with your Printer.

Step 13: Print the downloaded prescription PDF file to get the hard copy.

Your prescription will be printed successfully

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