How to book a Video consultation appointment for a patient?

Step 1: Log In to your MyRx profile

Step 2: Go to My Profile -> Online Consultation

Step 3: Click on Book Appointment Button to open the Appointment booking form.

Step 4: Enter the session name in Summary/Subject text box.

Step 5: Enter email Id of the patient in Email textbox (Use comma to add multiple


Step 6: Choose a date from the calendar under Event Date

Step 7: Select ‘From Time’ and ‘To Time’ to fix the duration of the session.

Step 8: Enter name of the patient in “ Patient Name” textbox.

Step 9: Enter mobile number of the patient in “Mobile” textbox.

Step 10: Add a description to highlight the pre-consultation inputs of the medical 


Step 11: Add a location for the patient in “Add Location” field.

Step 12: Click on “Book Appointment” button.

Step 13: An event will be created successfully. Click Ok on the success message.

The video consultation will be successfully booked and the patient will be notified

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