How to build my website on MyRx?

Step 1: Login to your MyRx profile.

Step 2: Click on My Profile in Menu Bar on the left to expand the Sub-Menus.

Step 3: My Profile -> Appearance (Need help?)
Modify the theme, theme color and font color for the website in this page.

Step 4: My Profile -> Clinic Details (Need help?)
Manage your consultation clinics, time slots , address and map directions in this page.

Step 5: My Profile -> Contact Info (Need help?)
Fill your personal contact details, social media links, full address and embed your map location.

Step 6: My Profile -> Gallery (Need help?)
Add your website’s homepage image and gallery images in this page.

Step 7: My Profile -> Manage Testimonials (Need help?)
Manage your testimonials, provided by patients and other stakeholders of your services.

Step 8: My Profile -> Online consultations (Need help?)
Manage your video consultation schedule and configurations in this page.

Step 9: My Profile -> Profile (Need help?)
Fill all the details on this page to build a strong credible brand.

Step 10: My Profile -> Services (Need help?)
Add your services for a targeted reach to the healthcare seekers.

Step 11: My Profile -> Articles (Need help?)
Publish relevant content and share it directly on social media to improve your web ranking.

Step 12: Once the above details are updated, go to My Profile -> Website
Click on Preview to view the demo version of your website
Click on Publish to make the updates live on your website.

Publish website

Your website will be successfully published and can be viewed online.

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