How to change the appearance of my MyRx website?

Step 1: Log In to your MyRx profile.

Step 2: Go to My Profile -> Appearance

Step 3: Click on the color box under  theme color and select the desired color.

Step 4: Click on the color box under Text color to choose a color contrasting with the theme color for elegant appearance.

Step 5: Select a desired theme from the dropdown under Current theme.

Step 6: Click on the Preview button to review the appearance of your website.

Step 7: Click on Update button.

Step 8: Go to My Profile -> Website

Step 9: Click on the Publish button to update the changes on your website.

Step 10: Publish Website confirmation message will pop up. Click on Publish button

Step 11:: Click on the Ok  button on the Service message pop up.

The appearance of the website will be modified and the same will be reflected on your website.

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