How to get started on YouTube?

Step 1: Click on the link .

Step 2: Enter your Gmail Id and Click Next.

Step 3: Enter your Password and Click Next.

Step 4: Your Name will be auto-filled , either edit it or Click on Create Channel to proceed.

Your YouTube Channel will be created successfully.

Step 5: Click on the Upload icon on top right corner of dashboard (Highlighted in yellow below)

Step 6: Select a video file to upload.

Step 7: Enter and Title and Description for the video.

Step 8: Choose a thumbnail from list or upload one.

Step 9: Click on checkbox against “No, its not made for kids

Step 10: Click on more options and add tags in the text box and then Click on Next at end of the page.

Step 11: Add an end screen or add promotional cards. To skip and proceed Click on Next.

Step 12: Set visibility to “Public” and Click on Publish button.

Your Video will be successfully Published.

Step 13: You can view and edit the Uploaded video in Video menu from dashboard.

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