How to update details of a clinic listed on my website?

Step 1: Login to your MyRx profile

Step 2: Go to My Profile -> Clinic Details

Step 3: Search the clinic to be updated and make only necessary changes in the next steps

Step 4: Edit your Clinic name in the clinic name field.

Step 5: Edit your clinic Address, City, Zipcode and Phone number in the respective fields

Step 6: Edit your State from the drop down list.

Step 7: Edit your average consultation time in the “Time slot in minutes” text box.

Step 8: Paste the google map link for your clinic location in the “Google map location link” text box.

Step 9: Edit “Available from” and “Available to” time for the respective clinic.

Step 10: Select the available days for the respective time slot.

Step 11: Clinic on the Update button.

Step 12: Go to My Profile -> Website

Step 13: Click on the Publish button to update the changes on your website.

Step 14: Publish Website confirmation message will pop up. Click on Publish button

Step 15: Click on Ok  button on the publish confirmation pop up.

The clinic details will be updated successfully and it will be live on your MyRx website for receiving appointments.

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